Friday, February 18, 2011

Report on the Summer School

Venue: Cairnhill Community Club
1 Anthony Road, Newton(opposite Newton Food Centre)  
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After 6 successful seasons in 2009 to 2015 the Dance Theatre Arts Summer School continues to provide even more exciting programs to give kids and youths a great and meaningful recreation in the June 2011 Holidays.

Summer School is designed as a short holiday program to enhance dance, drama and performance skills and the overall confidence of children and teens (age 3-16).

Some Comments from Past Participants:

I had a great time at this summer dance program. I'm really glad that I came all the way from Malaysia to Singapore for this. I've made new friends and met new people. This program has helped me improve my dance technique, posture, expressions, and vocal technique. I loved everything about this program.
Grace Kam 14, Malaysia
I met new friends and improved especially in my ballet. I was inspired by Gwyneth and Melissa as they were working together during classes. It was like a "dancing life" even though it was only for a week. It was very fun especially with all the laughing and playing Time
Ashley 11, Filipino student in Singapore

How children between 3-8 will benefitted from this program?
  • Improve their body conditioning,
  • Gain poise and muscular strength
  • Explore and develop their natural love for dance and music
  • Improve their dance skills
  • Provide them confidence in everything they do
  • Develop the belief in excellence to do well in whatever they do
Their time with us will be well spent.

Participants can choose to participate in several stream of activities depending on their interest and aptitudes:

Dance 1 (3-8 years)

Dance 1
Children were introduced to the basics of ballet, jazz and contemporary dance through fun and creative approaches.

Dance 2
This class  helped children understand dance technique through creative approaches. Children were taught ballet, jazz and contemporary dance.

Song & Dance 1/2
This class encouraged children to explore their singing voice. It also introduced them to the musical theatre singing and movement style.

Speech & Drama 1/ 2
Children learnt to express themselves through sound and spoken expression. They  also learnt basic mime skills.

Art & Craft 1/ 2
Children  learnt to create simple craft projects using various artistic techniques.

The Normal Program for 9 plus years olds helped participants to:
  • Gain confidence in everything they do
  • Develop the belief in excellence to do well in whatever they do
  • Nurture their love of creative activity, dance, music and drama
  • Enjoy and take a break from School Work and Activity....participate in:
CodeJazz Acrobatics dance style is vibrant and energetic. They learnt acrobatic and gymnastics moves that can be incorporated into this style of dance.

Contemporary/ Acrobatics
Contemporary dance is the name given to a group of 20th century concert dance forms. It is a collection of systems and methods developed from modern and postmodern dance. This elective introduced participants to more creative ways of moving your body.

Stage Combat/ Martial Arts .  Participants enjoyed  being like Jackie Chan, and learnt basic stunts and how this may be adapted into dance and musical theatre stage performance.

Ballet/ Acrobatics   In this elective participants learnt a small part of a classical ballet variation from a well known ballet. (eg, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella). You will also learn acrobatic and gymnastics moves that can be incorporated into classical ballet performance.

Song & Dance.  This style of dance is what you would see in musical theatre productions, such as Cats, Oliver and Annie. It instructed participant on how  to sing and dance as a chorus, an even perform acrobatic skills. The dance style in this elective will be tap dancing.

Singing Vocal Technique  This elective helped participants to  develop vocal skills for singing. They  learnt safe exercises for singing. 

English Speech & Drama.  Participants in this elective learnt basic vocal and speech technique for stage, and how to use their voice in a safe and correct manner in daily speech. They  also learnt drama techniques for stage.

Character Dancing.  Character dancing is a theatrical representation of European National dances. This style of dancing is often seen in ballets like Swan Lake, Coppelia and La Fille Ma Gadee. This elective taught participants  the technical elements of character dance

Special Advance Program for 13+ year olds helped them to:

This 4 day intensive program helped participants  improve their dance skills and gain the confidence to perform on the big stage. During the week, participants experience Dance Theatre Art's unique dance and performance teaching approach. They also experienced all the different aspects of performing arts that Dance Theatre Arts offers.

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